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Short Description: The maximum number of DB2 enabled Notes databases that can be stored in one DB2 group.


Specifies the maximum number of DB2-enabled Notes databases per DB2 group. A DB2 group is a container, or tablespace, for DB2-enabled Notes databases. This value is set to ten for performance purposes. If you change the entry to a value greater than ten, the next time a database create is performed, the DB2 groups will backfill until the new maximum number of DB2-enabled Notes databases per group is reached. For example, the next DB2-enabled Notes database will be associated with GRP1 unless it is explicitly locked.


You cannot reset the maximum number of databases allowed in a DB2 group that is locked.

After the DB2 Enablement Tool is run on a Domino server, and the server is restarted, DB2 Notes.ini settings are automatically added to the Notes.ini file.

Default value:

DB2_DBS_Per_Schema=maximum number


UI equivalent:
The "Maximum number of NSFs in Group" field on the DB2 tab of the Server document

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Documented in:
Lotus Domino Administrator 7 Help

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Bastian W.