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Short Description: Removes redundant domains from addresses.

What does the NOTES.INI parameter RouterOptimizePathRouting=1 do?
Beginning in Domino 5.0.2, RouterOptimizePathRouting was introduced to optimize recipient addresses and eliminate unnecessary hops. It does this by:
(1) stripping any domain names to the right of the local domain, and
(2) removing redundant domain names.

For instance, a user in DomainA sends a message to: John Doe@DomainA@DomainB@DomainC

--Without the NOTES.INI parameter, this message will have to go through 2 external domains before returning to the local domain for delivery.

--With the parameter, the address is modified to the following: John Doe@DomainA

Another example is a message sent by the same user to: Jane Doe@DomainB@DomainC@DomainB@DomainC:

--The redundant domains will be removed and the address becomes: Jane Doe@DomainB@DomainC

Most users would not normally address a message with redundant domains; however, replying to a message that has moved through multiple domains can induce this effect (the router appends the FromDomain field to replies).

Note: This parameter works only for Notes addresses. It is not possible to remove the Notes domain from the Reply address of an Internet message; however, you can avoid the addition of the Notes domain. To do that, set up routing using SMTP to another Notes domain instead of NRPC. Their Internet alias must be removed from the Global Domain document. Also, remove the Adjacent Domain document, if it exists, and configure a Foreign SMTP Domain document with the Connection document.

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RouterOptimizePathRouting=0 / 1


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