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Short Description: Specifies the maximum number of active NRPC user sessions allowed on a server.


Sets the maximum number of users that are allowed to access a server. When this number is reached, the server state becomes MAXUSERS, and the server stops accepting new Database Open requests. The Cluster Manager then attempts to redirect new user request to other servers in the cluster.

To see how often requests are being redirected, check the LOG.NSF for failover events. If redirection of the user request is unsuccessful, the user receives a message, and is not allowed access to the server.

Use the following values to set this variable: 0 - Unlimited access to server by users any number - Restricts number of active users to the number you specify

Default="" = Unlimited.

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UI equivalent:
None, although you can specify this setting in the NOTES.INI Settings tab of the Configuration Settings document in the Domino Directory.

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Domino 7 Performance Tuning Redbook

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Bastian W.