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Short Description: Allows access to name lookup views in the Name & Address Book (NAB) during the view index process.

Its design allows access to name lookup views in the Domino® Directory during the view index process on a Domino server. It allows access to otherwise locked views during the view index process for authentication and mail routing purposes.

For example, when a name lookup view, like $ServerAccess, is being indexed, it would be locked or inaccessible until the index process has completed. Under normal circumstances this may take several minutes before the view is available. This is especially true if the Domino directory is very large. This would give the appearance that the server is not accessible to a client or server attempting to gain access to a server.

If the parameter Server_Name_Lookup_Noupdate=1 exists in the notes.ini of the server, Domino directory Name lookups can still occur successfully without lockouts. With this parameter in use, the Domino directory views get indexed the way they usually do. However, the parameter allows users and servers to gain access to name lookup views for authentication and mail routing by temporarily suspending the index process. Name lookup requests received by the server are processed at frequent intervals (under one second) even though the view has not completely been updated. Instead, the Name lookup request is processed so that access to the view is granted and the requested information is returned based on the view's "current" state (partially indexed).

Name lookup views include (but are not limited to):


1. This parameter will not work for complete view rebuilds. For example: If an Updall -r is issued on the Domino directory, this parameter will not prevent users from being locked out of the views within the Domino directory when attempting to access the server.

2. This parameter is only for the primary Address Book and does not include cascaded Address Books or Master Address Books.

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There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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