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Short Description: Used when calculating the server availability index.


SERVER_TRANSINFO_NORMALIZE is setting the average transaction length -- when you do it right, the availability index will no longer drop toward 0 when the system is not actually working very hard.

Used when calculating the server availability index to "normalize" the response times observed at the server (that is, it divides the observed response times by this normalize value). Until now, this setting was undocumented, but it is available in both R4.6 and R5.

For the availability index calculation to work properly, the normalize value should be roughly equal to the average Domino transaction time (for the server in question) in milliseconds*100. The default value is 3000 ms, corresponding to an average response time of 30 ms per transaction.


This default setting was appropriate for "the average server" when clustering was first shipped several years ago, but it is too large for the current generation of servers. You should use a lower normalize value with today's faster servers, so loads failover correctly.


Manually set to a sensible value.

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Domino 7 Performance Tuning Redbook

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