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Short Description: Sets the maximum size, in MB, for the transaction log.

Defines the maximum size in Mb that Circular of Linear transaction log files can grow to before being forced to start over-writing (re-using) themselves. This parameter is ignored when using Archival transaction logging.

The minimum size is 192 MB (it ignores all lower values!)

The maximum size is 4 GB.

The archive logs are allocated up front, so be sure enough space exists
to generate them.

While it is possible to use this with Linear logging, we recommend using it
only with circular logging.

Translog_* parameters are overwritten by the values from the server
document, so they should not be changed directly in the notes.ini

Default value:
If you don't specify a value, the system determines a log size approximately three times the size of the server's RAM.

TransLog_MaxSize=number of megabytes


UI equivalent:
"Maximum log space" field in the Transactional Logging tab of the Server document.

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Documented in:
Domino 7 Performance Tuning Redbook

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Bastian W.