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Short Description: Controls how "Other Internet Mail" emails are routed.

One purpose for identifying an external mail user as an "Other Internet Mail" user (in the "Mail system" field of the Person document's Mail tab) is to allow for the addressing of a message to that recipient in a more "user friendly" manner. This technote identifies how Lotus® Domino® creates Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) recipient addresses for "Other Internet Mail" users.
Resolving the problem
Creating a Person document with "Other Internet Mail" for the "Mail system" facilitates the addressing of this recipient by allowing the sender of a message to type part of the recipient's full address in the TO, CC, or BCC fields. The "Short name/User ID..." and "Forwarding address" fields exist; however, there is not an "Internet address" field.
A message addressed to an "Other Internet Mail" user has the following rules for the "Forwarding address" field:

- Sender is using a Lotus Notes® client and is working in local mode.
- Sender is using a web mail client.
- Sender is a user in another Notes domain.

For the previous items, the "Forwarding address" specified in the recipient's Person document determines the RFC-821 RCPT TO envelope address for an outbound SMTP message.

The "Forwarding address" specified in the recipient's Person document is not used for the RFC-822 recipient in the body header. The RFC-822 address is set according to the configuration of the Global Domain document.

For example, John Doe is identified as an "Other Internet Mail" user in the Mail tab of John's Person document. John's "Forwarding address" field contains the value of JDOE@TEST.COM. The Domino Directory contains a Global Domain document that defines the "Local primary Internet domain" as "ACME.COM."

Regardless of the value in the recipient's "Short name" field, the resulting RFC-822 address is built according to default conversion rules and the value in the "Local primary Internet Domain" field of the Global Domain document. In this case, even though John's "Short name" is JDOE, the resulting RFC-822 address in a message to John, based on the these other factors, results in an address such as the following:


Starting with Domino 5.0.7, using the SMTP_OB_XLATE_ALLOW_UNIQUE_OTHERMAIL=1 parameter in the Domino server's NOTES.INI produces the following results:
  • If the "Short name..." field in the recipient's Person document is blank or populated with a short name, the resulting RFC-822 address for an "Other Internet mail" user contains the "Local primary Internet domain" value listed in the Global Domain document; and the local part of the address is built according to Global domain document settings. For example:

"Short name..." = JDOE
    • Resulting address = JDOE@ACME.COM
  • If the "Short name..." field is populated with a full Internet address, then this address appears as the RFC-822 address. For example:

"Short name..." = JDOE@TEST.COM
    • Resulting address = JDOE@TEST.COM

If you do not want the original Internet domain name replaced with the local one for an "Other Internet mail" recipient's RFC-822 address, populate the "Short name..." field with a full Internet address and add to the Domino server's NOTES.INI the following parameter:

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