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Short Description: Specifies the delay time between full text index and view updates, even if immediate indexing is scheduled as a server task.


Defines the delay time in minutes between full text index and view updates, even if immediate indexing is set.

The server builds a queue of changed documents for the indexer and the agent manager, which wake up periodically and process from the queue. This will increase your CPU load significantly.


Although Update checks the queue every 5 seconds, it does not refresh views at the same interval. Instead, it uses what is known as the Update Suppression Time. With Suppression Time, Update waits for multiple, similar requests to be deposited in the queue and then batches them. In this way, Update processes all changes to a database at the same time. Since the Indexer is the most CPU-intensive Domino server task, batching requests reduces the performance impact on a server significantly. It is only after the Suppression Time has passed that Update forces the update of the view collection and the full text indexes as requested. By default, the Suppression Time is 5 minutes; however, this can be overridden with this NOTES.INI parameter. There are several NOTES.INI parameters you can use to fine tune this. Try setting both UPDATE_SUPPRESSION_TIME and UPDATE_SUPPRESSION_LIMIT to 1. This WILL increase your CPU load significantly.

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None, although you can specify this setting in the NOTES.INI Settings tab of the Configuration Settings document in the Domino Directory.

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Domino 7 Performance Tuning Redbook

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Bastian W.