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Short Description: Setting this will change the search algorithm that returns a list of files to replicate

This key changes the search algorithm that returns a list of files to replicate. When optimization is disabled it will not have any performance impact on the Domino server.

With the optimization there is a buffer that contains information about each database and is limited to 64k. This is a buffer that is implemented to improve performance. With systems that use a large number of directories and databases, the INI parameter Debug_Disable_Repl_OPT=1 can be used to avoid using the buffer. This INI parameter forces the replicator task to perform a full scan of the data path, thereby avoiding the exclusion of databases because of the buffer limit. It should be noted that, if there is a recursive directory structure, this INI parameter will result in serious performance problems for the server.

The buffer contains 26 bytes of information related to each database (the database replication ID, etc.), plus a variable amount of data related to the actual path of each database relative to the data directory. Depending on the average size of the data path, this buffer can hold information for approximately 1500 - 2000 databases. Obviously, if the average path length is excessively large, the number of databases held in the buffer would be much smaller.

In the case where replication was not replicating certain databases, the memory buffer that was allocated was too small to include all of the databases. In cases where the paths are long, it uses up more of the allocated memory than databases that are off the root of the data directory. This may explain why you can see different results on different servers.

If there is a small number of files in the index, use an optimization whereby the search formula specifies that only files that match one of a list of replica IDs should be returned. If the number of files in the index is large, have the search formula return all files on the server.

Note: Only use this optimization if the server supports it.

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