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Short Description: Will check lotus install log for smart upgrade

SPR# LJAS6HDP37 - The Smart Upgrade feature was designed to allow administrators to launch any application they desired to configure. An assumption was made when coding Smart Upgrade Tracking that the application launched would only be used for Notes Client upgrades so the lotus install.log file should be modified after successful execution of the application launched. Because self-extracting executables built with Package for the Web for Smart Upgrade, will return a success indicator even if canceled during the unpacking of the files, the initial design made an assumption that if the lotus install.log file was not modified, even though the application launched returned a success return code, the user must have cancelled the Smart Upgrade attempt. This assumption has caused a few support calls to be generated so this code change conditionalizes that assumption which is now disabled by default. If an administrator wants the old behavior described above they need to set Check_Lotus_install_log=TRUE in the end user system environment before attempting any Smart Upgrade.

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