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Short Description: Specifies the acceptable level of system resources available to a server.


By setting this value for each server in a cluster, you determine how the workload is distributed among cluster members. Valid values are 0 to 100. Domino compares this value against a server's availability index; when the availability index falls below the Server_Availability_Threshold value, the server becomes BUSY.

A Server_Availability_Threshold value of zero (0) indicates a fully available state and workload balancing is disabled; a value of 100 indicates the server is BUSY (since the availability index can never be greater than 100) and the Cluster Manager then tries to redirect user requests to more available cluster members.

Works directly with the Domino statistic Server.Availability.

When Server.Availability reaches the threshold set in the Server_Availability_Threshold parameter, the server begins rejecting user requests. The threshold may need to be set high (95 to 97) for the best failover characteristics.

In addition, Server_Transinfo_Normalize may need to be set. This allows you to "normalize" the response times experienced by your Domino server and insures that the failover processing will occur only when it is supposed to. This value can be tailored for your environment.

Tip: Manually set to a carefully calculated value.

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None, although you can specify this setting in the NOTES.INI Settings tab of the Configuration Settings document in the Domino Directory.

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Lotus Domino Administrator 5 Help

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