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Short Description: Controls perform translation between character sets


Controls text translation, allowing you to increase performance in exchange for certain assumptions about the data being accessed. Note that none of these settings affects translation between Unicode and other character sets. There are three valid numeric settings, which are set based on your selected installer options:

    * 0 = Disabled -- Do not perform translation between character sets (except Unicode). This is valid when all data being accessed is compatible with the Notes LMBCS character set - primarily ASCII printable characters.

    * 1 = LMBCS only -- Do not perform translation between non-LMBCS (and non-Unicode) character sets. This is valid when all data being accessed, except for Notes LMBCS data, is in compatible character sets.

    * 2 = Enabled -- Always translate between any character sets. This is the default.


On i5/OS, EITranslation is set to 2 in the notes.ini file by the LEI installer. Do not change this setting.


In previous versions of LEI and DECS, this was named Translation or DECSTranslation, respectively.



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Lotus Domino LEI Administration DB

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