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Default Cluster_Name_Cache_Size

Short Description: The Parameter with the assigned value will allow more than the default of 40 clusters

By default, the CLUSTER.NCF text file is limited and can reference only forty (40) clusters (assuming only two servers per cluster). Any additional clusters added in this domain will overwrite existing entries in the CLUSTER.NCF, preventing the next hop from being found because the previous cluster/server information is no longer available. Because the CLUSTER.NCF is a log of information cached in memory, and is updated only when the server is shutdown, it will be necessary to restart the server to view the most current information.

To work around this issue, implement the following NOTES.INI parameter for all servers in the domain:


This configuration change will need to be replicated to all servers. The servers involved will need to be recycled. The Cluster_Name_Cache_Size=100 NOTES.INI parameter with the assigned value will allow more than the default of 40 clusters, but sets a new limit to 100 clusters.

Default value:

Default Cluster_Name_Cache_Size=number

Default Cluster_Name_Cache_Size=100

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