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Short Description: can be used to keep the Internet address in the BCC field from getting converted

Starting in Domino® release 6.0.3, the notes.ini parameter RouterUseRecipientForBcc can be used to keep the Internet address in the BCC field from getting converted. By default, the BCC field will be translated into the user's hierarchical name.

Setting the notes.ini RouterUseRecipientForBcc=1 parameter sends a message to the Internet by adding the user to the BCC field. The recipient will see his address as an Internet address.

The parameter can be added directly to the notes.ini file which requires a server restart. In the alternative, you can issue 'set config RouterUseRecipientForBcc=1' from the console, which only requires a Router restart.

SPR# HBHE5DFGQK - On delivery to a bcc recipient the Router will replace the bcc entry with the canonical name of the delivery recipient. This fix provides a Notes.ini setting "RouterUseRecipientForBcc", which when set, will instruct the Router to replace the bcc item using the recipient address instead of the canonical FullName. The recipient address (from the recipients item) could be an internet address.

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