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Short Description: Specifies the names of the secondary Domino Directories that Domino searches to verify recipient names in mail messages.

Specifies the names of the secondary Domino Directories that Domino searches to verify recipient names in mail messages. By default, Domino searches only the primary Domino Directory, which is typically named NAMES.NSF.

Note It is strongly recommended that you use directory assistance rather than this setting to do lookups in secondary Domino Directories.

This NOTES.INI setting allows additional directories to be searched in the order in which they appear and stops searching when it finds a match in one of the databases. The file names can be up to 256 characters. Separate the list of directories with commas. Do not specify the NSF file extension.

The server does not use this feature to look up additional Connection, Domain, or Server documents specified in additional directories. Ensure you create all of the necessary Connection, Domain, and Server documents in the primary Domino Directory.

Local secondary Domino Directories

To specify secondary Domino Directories that are replicated locally on the server, type the names of the directories without the NSF extension following the name of the primary Domino Directory; for example


Remote secondary Domino Directories

If secondary Domino Directories are not replicated locally, access them over the network by specifying server names in canonical format and their Domino Directories as follows:

    CN=servername/OU=organizational unit/O=organization/!!filename

Specify as many organizational units as necessary.

For example, specify:

    NAMES=NAMES, CN=serverwest/OU=west/O=acme!!NAMES, CN=servereast/OU=east/O=acme!!NAMES

If the name of the remote server is flat, omit the canonical format, for example

    NAMES=NAMES, serverwest!!NAMES

If a remote server contains multiple Domino Directories, for example a hub server, you can point to each directory on the server. To do this, you must repeat the server name for each directory, for example:

    NAMES=NAMES, CN=serverhub/O=acme!!NAMES1, CN=serverhub/O=acme!!NAMES2

Note Do not add the name of a condensed Directory Catalog as a value for this setting. Use the Basics tab of the Server document in the Domino Directory to set up a server to use a condensed Directory Catalog.

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UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

Applies to:
Server and Workstation

Documented in:
Lotus Domino Administrator 5 Help

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Bastian W.