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Short Description: value of the current time (the time when the MailUpdate policy was applied).

You upgrade a Lotus Notes® client from a 5 release to a 7 release. A desktop policy with seamless mail upgrade information is then pushed down to the client. However, the mail database is not upgraded until you restart the Notes client at least one hour after the policy is applied. Why is there a delay?
This issue is fixed in Notes/Lotus Domino® 7.0.1.
Fix details: SPR# WEBB6F7MNZ

Refer to the Upgrade Central site for details on upgrading Notes/Domino.

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When a policy is applied, Notes adds a MailUpgradeCheckTime parameter to the notes.ini file with a value of the current time (the time when the policy was applied). Notes/Lotus Domino 5 releases did not have policies since the policies feature was introduced in Notes 6. Because you are upgrading from R5, the policy is not applied until you next authenticate with the server after the upgrade to 7.

This MailUpgradeCheckTime parameter controls the seamless mail upgrade process every hour. Therefore, the mail upgrade process is not activated until the difference between the time recorded in the parameter and the current time is greater than one hour (CurrentTime - MailUpgradeCheckTime > 1 hour). This check occurs every time Notes is started.

You do not see this delay when upgrading Notes from version 6 to version 7 because the policy has already been applied. Most likely, an hour has elapsed by the time the user upgrades the client to Notes 7.

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There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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Delay occurs for seamless mail upgrade after policy is applied

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