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Short Description: Controls the Roaming Upgrade Dialog Box

During the process of a Roaming User Upgrade, in Notes Domino 6x, the user being upgraded would be prompted to accept the upgrade. However, in some cases the upgrade prompt dialog box is not displayed, which can prevent the upgrade to roaming process from proceeding successfully. How can you make the client display this prompt again?
This issue may occur for a few reasons, however, one possible scenario that can explain this behavior happens at the Notes 6.x client.

When the dialog prompt appears to confirm their roaming upgrade, the user answered "No". Immediately upon this response, the user is then prompted to determine "Would you like to be asked again later on this machine?" If the user answers "No" here as well, then they will no longer be prompted when launching the client to confirm their upgrade. Additionally, their Administrator may report seeing an "hour glass" appear next to their name in the Domino Directory, signifying that the upgrade is still "In Progress" and has not completed.

If the user instead wants to continue the upgrade process, the Notes Administrator can open that user's local notes.ini file and change the value of the following line:


from "3" to "2", then restart the Notes Client. A value of "3" would indicate that the user responded that they never wanted to be prompted again at this workstation.

Customers have also indicated a desire to add this entry into a existing client ini file in a desire to perform a Roaming Upgrade of users at the server end synonymous with an upgrade of the client to the Notes 6x release. This is not supported because this is not the original intended use of the parameter. Its function is to assist the user in selecting the appropriate client to setup the initial roaming upgrade from. Should a user not have completed the first initial roaming upgrade because they happened to access their mail server (and default roaming server) from another workstation while performing a test, then this could impact the desired result if that machine was not intended to be roamed. This ini parameter also interacts with additional roaming parameters that are stored within the notes.ini file. There is no harm in resetting its value, however it was not intended to be used separately.

If the user is reportedly "stuck" in a "In Progress" state and the above scenario is not true, then other factors, such as, disabled client replication, disabled dynamic client, or matters at the server end may need review instead.

Default value:

RoamingUpgrade=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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