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Short Description: Controls the "Check as default Mailclient" Dialog Box

How can you prevent users from changing their default mail client from Notes to some other program?
When the Notes client for 6 is installed and the first setup of that client is underway, the user will be prompted via a dialog box as to whether they would like Notes to be their Default Mail Client. A check is performed against the specified entry for the E-Mail program for the operating system. To review this setting, open the Internet Options through the Control Panel and confirm the program selected for E-Mail on the Programs Tab. (Please note that there may be a dropdown selection for E-Mail programs as determined by what email-capable programs are installed on that operating system.)

The dialog box is presented by the Notes Client during setup only if no value or a value other than "Lotus Notes" is specified. Most commonly the prompt would be seen during Notes Client setup if Notes had never existed on the operating system before, and thus was not a valid selection from the dropdown list of email-capable programs installed.

If the user responds "Yes", "Lotus Notes" will be stored as the E-Mail application to use for Internet Mail. If there is a value already stored there, it will be changed to "Lotus Notes." If no value was earlier supplied, "Lotus Notes" will now be stored as the default.

If the user responds "Yes" and selects not to perform this check in the future, then an ini parameter is also added to that user's ini file of


in addition to "Lotus Notes" being stored as the E-Mail application to use for Internet Mail.

If the user responds "No", then the user will be prompted again each time the client is launched. If a blank or valid email program was already specified for the operating system, this value is not changed.

If the user responds "No" and also selects not to perform this check in the future, then an ini parameter is added to that user's ini file of


Again, the value of the email program selection is not changed for the operating system.

Additional Information

To defeat this prompt and the ability of a user to change the specified email program for the operating system during client setup, you can pre-supply the following ini value in that user's ini file


To reset the client and have this dialog box prompt display for this user again, you can either delete this ini parameter entry or set it to a value of "0".

Default value:

DontCheckDefaultMail=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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