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Short Description: Enable/Disable the new mail notification feature on the server.


The Domino mail server by default checks every connected user once per minute for new mail and then notifies those users that have new mail. Other status, like refreshed views, use this same notification method. The IOCP_Disable_Async_Notification=1 setting in NOTES.INI will disable these server notifications, thereby reducing demands on the server. When this option is enabled, the Domino server will no longer notify users about various status, like new mail. Users can only be automatically notified according to to their Notes client polling behavior.

If IOCP_Disable_Async_Notification=1, then idle users will not get notified of new mail. However, users actively interacting with the server will receive these notifications via a different mechanism. Likewise, Notes client polling for new mail is not effected by the IOCP_Disable_Async_Notification setting.


If you want to reduce demands on the server, consider using IOCP_Async_Notification_Poll_Time instead. Completely disabling server initiated notification via IOCP_Disable_Async_Notification is probably too extreme.


none required

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Setting IOCP_DISABLE_ASYNC_NOTIFICATION=1 may impact remote console capabilities; specifically, it may essentially disable the remote live console. You can still use the Administration client to enter console commands and see their output with IOCP_DISABLE_ASYNC_NOTIFICATION=1 set. However, the actual live console, where you see all output directed to the console of a given server, is disabled when IOCP_DISABLE_ASYNC_NOTIFICATION=1 is in the notes.ini. The remote live console can be found on the Server -> Status tab of the Administration client.

Default value:
When this setting is absent, it is equivalent to IOCP_Disable_Async_Notification=0.

IOCP_Disable_Async_Notification=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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