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Short Description: Specified the DAOS deferred delete interval.


Use this setting to keep objects in DAOS from being deleted for an additional number of days after the last reference to them from any document is deleted.

Enter a number from 0 to 9999.

This setting is useful if an unreferenced DAOS object is mistakenly deleted and needs to be restored.

You can delete all unreferenced objects explicitly at any time by using the Tell DAOSMgr Prune command.



The DAOS deferred delete interval should be set to be longer than the interval between backups.
If the backups are done weekly, the shortest recommended DAOS deferred delete interval is 8
days. Setting the delete interval longer than the backup interval will guarantee that all NLO files
will be backed up. If there is a retention limit for backups, th e DAOS delete interval should be set
to longer than that retention limit to ensure that all referenced NLO files will exist if a NSF
database is restored from the oldest backup.



UI equivalent:
Server Document, DAOS Section, Defer object deletion for n days

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