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Short Description: Disable/Enable the full text indexes on server.

Lotus Domino® Chronos updates full text indexes that are marked to be updated hourly, daily, or weekly. Chronos itself does not update database views.
When running, the Chronos task reports as initializing as follows:

    xxxxxxx 11:24:59 Chronos: Performing hourly full text indexing

    show task
    Chronos Initializing

    xxxxxxx 11:42:23 Chronos: Full text indexer terminating

  • Refreshing a view index can occur manually when users press F9 as part of a condition built into the view design or as part of the "updall" (Update ALL) server process set up by the server administrator.
  • Only one single Chronos task can run at any given time.
  • Chronos runs every 60 minutes.
  • Chronos traverses all folders and subfolders in the Domino Data folder.
  • Chronos updates the full text index if indexing is enabled in the database and the index priority is sufficiently high (Full Text Index only HIGH and IMMEDIATE). The priority index is based on the modified time and the last index time.
This table lists how full-text index updates are performed according the update frequency. Please note that this is performed by different tasks mentioned in the description depending on the frequency:

Update frequency



Performed by the nightly "updall" task. If this nightly task is not run, the daily updating is not performed.


Performed by a Program Document that runs "updall". You must set the frequency to Scheduled and create the proper Program Document. You can also use this method to update different databases at different times.


Triggered by the Chronos task and performed by the update task (if the update task is running). If not running, Chronos performs the update. If the Chronos task is not running, the update is not performed.


Performed by the update task. If Update is not running, the update is not performed. All immediate requests are processed as they are received.


Deferred requests are held for 15 minutes before they are processed. Requests to update the same database that occur in that time are ignored as duplicate requests.
Resolving the problem
To disable the Chronos task, use the Lotus Domino server's notes.ini file and restart Domino: DEBUG_DISABLE_CHRONOS=1
When disabling Chronos, ensure that you have a strategy to update database Full Text indexes by using the scheduled update frequency and/or by making sure that the update task is running.

Default value:

Debug_disable_chronos=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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