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Short Description: Prints to the server´s console each time a programm is loaded or terminated using the appropriate Notes API calls.

Debug_initterm is a non-intrusive debug parameter (flag) with no impact on performance or on any other resource. Enabling this flag by setting the parameter equal to 1, will print out an extra line on the server's console each time a program is loaded or terminated using the appropriate Notes API calls.
The setting can be dynamically enabled or disabled via a set config command, however, for troubleshooting, it should normally be set at server start to be able to follow initialization and finalization of all processes.

Note: It is best if used with debug_threadid=1 and with the console log captured


> set config debug_initterm=1
[19794:00003-00004] 11/27/2002 09:02:25 AM DEBUG_INITTERM changed to 1.

11/27/2002 09:02:26 AM 0 Transactions/Minute, 0 Users
> tell update q
> tell update q
[19798:00002-00001] 11/27/2002 09:02:36 AM Index update process shutdown
[19798:00002-00001] 11/27/2002 09:02:36.63 AM [19798:00002-00001] OSTerm> Teminating
lo update
> > lo update
> [19870:00002-00001] 11/27/2002 09:02:44.36 AM [19870:00002-00001] OSInit> Initialized, name: update
[19870:00002-00001] 11/27/2002 09:02:44 AM Index update process started

Default value:

Debug_initterm=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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