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Short Description: Batches renames and deletions adminp requests together


After upgrading from Domino 5 to 6, you intermittently experience an excessive length of time to process Administration Process requests, although the requests eventually complete.

You happen to be processing a large number of world-wide requests containing ACL changes such as "Delete in Access Control List" and "Rename in Access Control List".

AdminP was the only task running slowly; all other server tasks were performing as expected. Increasing the number of AdminP threads did not improve the performance.

Supporting Information:

Using this fix, work around the issue by adding the following parameter to the notes.ini:


The delete/rename request is a batch process that opens every database on the server that manages its ACL. The Delegate Mail File and Delete from ACL requests use the same semaphore, so only one of these requests can be processed at a time.

The delay occurs when multiple AdminP requests of the same type attempt to process at the same time. Other requests continue to process, but the other threads eventually pick up one of these types, and then waits for its turn with the semaphore.

In addition, the length of time to process each database is longer in releases later than 6.0, in which design elements are reviewed as part of the ACL modifications.

ACL requests are started on an "interval" time as specified in the Server document, and are not immediate. The default interval setting is sixty minutes, and increasing this time may improve performance since ACL requests are batched. If multiple names are affected by a delete/rename, then the batching process attempts to make as many of these changes as possible during a single search. Any interval request will be affected by this change.

For example, if three people are deleted from the Address Book and they are in the ACL for a database, when the Administration Process reviews the ACL for this database, it will make the changes for all three modifications. If the interval time is short, the requests may need to be processed individually for each user, which defeats the purpose of "batching" the requests. When more work done each time the database is open, it is more efficient.

Another possibility is to suspend the Administration request processing for a period of time using the Server document -> Server Tasks tab -> Administration Process tab -> Miscellaneous section.

UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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