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Short Description: Could be used to redefining time interval defaults for administration requests

You can specify the time interval, other than the default time interval, in which a specific administration request will execute. The settings that you specify override the default settings.

Use the following NOTES.INI variables to specify that the default time intervals for one or more specific administration requests are to be changed:





Note Each X in the NOTES.INI settings above represents the request number of an Administration Process Request. See the table to locate the request number for a specific request.

When determining the timing for an administration process request, the NOTES.INI setting takes precedence, the Server document is next, then the Configuration document in ADMIN4 and finally the default setting applies.

This new feature applies to the following requests:

Administration Process RequestTimingRequest Number
Delete in Domino DirectoryInterval0.00
Rename in Access Control ListInterval1.00
Copy Server's Certified Public KeyInterval2.00
Place Server's Notes Build Number into Server RecordInterval3.00
Rename Server in Domino DirectoryInterval4.00
Rename Person in Domino DirectoryInterval5.00
Move Person's Name in Hierarchy6.00
Delete Statistic Monitors in Domino DirectoryInterval7.00
Initiate Rename in Domino DirectoryInterval8.00
Recertify Server in Domino DirectoryInterval9.00
Recertify Person in Domino DirectoryInterval10.00
Add Server to ClusterImmediate11.00
Remove Server from ClusterImmediate12.00
Create ReplicaImmediate13.00
Move ReplicaImmediate14.00
Delete Original Replica after MoveInterval15.00
Delete in Person DocumentsDaily16.00
Delete in Access Control ListInterval17.00
Delete in Reader/Author FieldsDelayed18.00
Rename in Person DocumentsDaily19.00
Rename in Reader/Author FieldsDelayed20.00
Delete MailfileInterval21.00
Create MailfileImmediate24.00
Monitor Replica StubInterval25.00
Delete Obsolete Change RequestsDaily26.00
Get File Information for DeletionImmediate27.00
Request File DeletionImmediate28.00
Add ResourceImmediate29.00
Delete ResourceImmediate30.00
Check Access for New Replica CreationImmediate32.00
Check Access for Move Replica CreationImmediate33.00
Set Password FieldsInterval34.00
Change User Password in Domino DirectoryImmediate35.00
Change Server Password in Domino DirectoryImmediate36.00
Set Directory Assistance FieldInterval37.00
Rename Person in Free Time DatabaseImmediate38.00
Rename Person in Calendar Entries and Profiles in Mail FileImmediate39.00
Rename Group in Domino DirectoryInterval40.00
Rename Group in Person DocumentsDaily41.00
Rename Group in Reader/Author fieldsDelayed42.00
Rename Group in Reader/Author fieldsDelayed43.00
Add Internet Certificate to Person RecordImmediate44.00
Check Mail Server's AccessImmediate45.00
Update Client Information in Person RecordImmediate46.00
Update External Domain InformationInterval47.00
Promote New Mail Server's AccessImmediate48.00
Create New Mailfile ReplicaImmediate49.00
Add New Mailfile FieldsImmediate50.00
Monitor New Mailfile FieldsInterval51.00
Replace Mailfile FieldsImmediate52.00
Push Changes to New Mail ServerImmediate53.00
Delete Person in Domino DirectoryInterval54.00
Delete Server in Domino DirectoryInterval55.00
Delete Group in Domino DirectoryInterval56.00
Delegate Mail FileImmediate57.00
Modify Room/Resource in DirectoryInterval62.00
Update Server's Protocol InformationInterval63.00
Create Mail-In DatabaseImmediate64.00
Check Access for Non-cluster Move ReplicaImmediate65.00
Non Cluster Move ReplicaImmediate66.00
Store Server's CPU CountInterval67.00
Rename Person in Unread ListDaily68.00
Delete Replica After MoveInterval69.00
Store Server's DNS Hostname in Server RecordInterval70.00
Store Server's Platform in Server RecordInterval71.00
Request to Delete Private Design ElementsInterval73.00
Delete Private Design ElementsInterval74.00
Request To Delete Moved ReplicaInterval76.00
Domain Catalog ConfigurationImmediate77.00
Delegate Web Mail FileImmediate78.00
Get Replica Information for DeletionImmediate79.00
Request Replica DeletionImmediate80.00
Delete ReplicaInterval81.00
Set Web Admin FieldsImmediate83.00
Accelerated Create ReplicaImmediate84.00
Store Directory Type in Server RecordInterval85.00
Set Directory FilenameInterval86.00
Create Roaming User's Roaming FilesImmediate87.00
Promote New Roaming Server's AccessImmediate89.00
Monitor Roaming Server's Field in Person RecordImmediate90.00
Create Roaming User's Replica StubsImmediate91.00
Remove Roaming User's Roaming FilesImmediate92.00
Check Roaming Server's AccessImmediate93.00
Create Roaming User's ReplicasImmediate94.00
Store Certificate in Domino or LDAP DirectoryImmediate95.00
Store Certificate Revocation List in Domino or LDAP DirectoryImmediate96.00
Modify User Information Stored in the Domino DirectoryImmediate97.00
Remove Certificate from Domino or LDAP DirectoryImmediate98.00
Modify CA Configuration in the Domino DirectoryImmediate99.00
Push Changes to New Roaming ServerImmediate100.00
Sign Database with Server's ID FileImmediate101.00
Configure Certificate Authority PublicationImmediate102.00
Remove Certificate Revocation List from Domino or LDAP DirectoryImmediate103.00
Update Delegated User's Mailfile ListImmediate104.00
Certificate Authority Configuration To Be SignedImmediate105.00
Retract Person's Name ChangeImmediate107.00
Set User Name and Enable Scheduled AgentImmediate108.00
Update License Tracing Information in Domino DirectoryInterval109.00
Re-Initiate Rename in Domino DirectoryImmediate110.00
Delete Server in Domain CatalogInterval111.00
Maintain Trends Database RecordImmediate112.00
Delete Policy Record In Domino DirectoryDaily113.00
Initiate Web User Rename in Domino DirectoryInterval118.00
Rename Web User in Access Control ListInterval119.00
Rename Web User in Domino DirectoryInterval120.00
Rename Web User in Person DocumentsDaily121.00
Rename Web User in Reader/Author fieldsDelayed122.00
Rename Web User in Free Time DatabaseInterval123.00
Rename Web User in Calendar Entries and Profiles in Mail FileInterval124.00
Rename Web User in Unread ListDaily125.00
Delete Web User in Domino DirectoryTimed126.00
Change HTTP Password in Domino DirectoryImmediate127.00
Create Monitoring ReportImmediate128.00
Collect Monitoring Report InformationImmediate129.00
Add Information to Monitoring ReportImmediate130.00
Create IMAP Delegation RequestsImmediate131.00
Delete Hosted OrganizationInterval132.00
Update Roaming User State in Person RecordImmediate133.00
Update Roaming User Information in Person RecordImmediate134.00
Create Hosted Organization StorageImmediate135.00
Recertify Cross Certificate in Domino DirectoryInterval136.00
Create Object StoreImmediate137.00
Get Hosted Organization Storage Information for DeletionImmediate138.00
Delete Hosted Organization StorageInterval140.00
Recertify Certificate Authority in Domino Directoryinterval141.00
Find Name in DomainInterval142.00
Verify Hosted Organization StorageImmediate143.00
Add or Modify Group in Domino DirectoryImmediate 144.00
Modify ID Recovery Information in Domino DirectoryImmediate146.00
Specified as "Unrecognized Request" in ADMIN4.NTFInterval147.00
Monitor Roaming User's Replica StubsImmediate148.00
Delegate Mail File on Administration ServerImmediate149.00
Create SSL Certificate and Keyring FileInterval156.00
Enable Server's SSL Ports in Domino DirectoryImmediate157.00
Change the Server on which the agent RunsImmediate158.00
Store Cross Certificate in Domino or LDAP DirectoryImmediate159.00
Set Web User Name and Enable Scheduled AgentImmediate160.00
Update Replica SettingsImmediate161.00
Rename in Shared AgentsInterval162.00
Web Set Soft Deletion Expire TimeImmediate163.00
Rename in Agent's Readers fieldInterval 164.00
Delete in Agent's Readers FieldInterval165.00
Monitor Server's SSL Status in Domino DirectoryImmediate166.00
Delegate Mail File on Home ServerImmediate167.00
Maintain Server's Fault Recovery SettingsImmediate168.00
Store DB2 Information in Server RecordImmediate 172.00
Monitor Server Record for DB2 FieldsImmediate173.00
Set DB2 Password in Server's ID FileImmediate174.00
Move DB2 Tablespace to New ContainerImmediate175.00
Rename in Design ElementsDelayed 176.00
Delete in Design ElementsDelayed177.00
Modify DB2 Access Connection Immediate 178.00
Rename Web User in Design ElementsDelayed179.00
Rename Group in Design ElementsDelayed180.00

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UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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IBM Lotus Domino Administrator 8.0 Help