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Short Description: Store styles information to be used in richtext fields


The NAMEDSTYLE variables are related to paragraph styles, a feature of the Notes editor.
The variables allows a user to set personal styles to be used in richtext fields on the last tab of the text properties infobox (displayed by choosing Text - Text Properties while in edit mode).

These variables store the paragraph styles data:

  • The NAMEDSTYLE _Face parameter contains the font name for styles that include font in the style.
  • The NAMEDSTYLE parameter includes all other information about the paragraph style.

Generally when a long series of numbers are generated for the parameter, this indicates that information is being verified in relation to the parameter setting from different areas within
the notes code.

Note: IBM do not recommend ever changing these variables in the notes.ini but instead to use the Notes interface to set paragraph styles.

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UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. It is handled via various internal Lotus Notes functions.

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