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Short Description: Controlls the log level from the converter task

In Lotus Domino®, when a message is converted from CD to MIME or MIME-TO-CD, the following message displays on the Domino console and is written to the log.nsf file:
    "Begin CD to MIME Conversion (Process: Router <message number>.

Is there a way to disable this?
Workaround 1:
You can use a notes.ini file setting to suppress the logging of the conversion process. Add the following parameter, "converter_log_level=10," to the .ini file. Once the setting is added, conversion information will not display.

Existing LOG_LEVEL settings for "converter_log_level":
UNDEFINED - 0 /* Used by old routines that don't know about logging levels. All info gets logged. */
MINIMAL - 10 /* Fatal and Error only */
NORMAL - 20 /* Fatal, Error, Warning, Info Terse */ (this is the default)
INFORMATIONAL - 30 /* Fatal, Error, Warning, Info Terse, and Info Verbose */
VERBOSE - 40 /* Fatal, Error, Warning, Info Terse, Info Verbose, and Info More Verbose */

Workaround 2:
You can set the notes.ini parameter from the Domino console using the following command: set config converter_log_level=10

The router must be restarted for the parameter to take effect. To restart the router, issue the following command on the Domino console: restart task router

This notes.ini parameter is "sticky," meaning that if set using "set config," it will be added to the notes.ini file and remain in effect when the Domino Server next restarts.

Default value:


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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