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Short Description: Enabled the mirroring of a console log file


One of the new features of Lotus Domino 8.5 is the mirroring of a console log file.

Console log mirroring causes a new server thread to be created which monitors all messages written to the Console Log file and duplicates these messages into another file. When this new file is filled, the thread closes the mirrored file and creates a new file into which subsequent messages are written.Thus you have all messages not only in log.nsf but also in flat files. You may use them later to parse and send to a third party application or search them.

There are several notes.ini parameters that impact how the Console Log Mirroring is workings.

Console_Log_Mirror=1 -- Enables the mirroring of console (0 Disables the mirroring (Default))
Retain_Mirror_Logs=1 -- Prevents deletion of previous mirrors when Domino restarts (0 Deletes all previous console mirror files (Default).
Console_Log_Max_Kbytes= -- Sets the maximum size of the Console Log/mirror files; when this limit is reached, a new file is created. The default value is 100,000 (100MB). Maximum size is 1,000,000 (1GB).

When information is written to console log, it is written also in the console mirror files. When console.log reaches a limit, information is written in the beginning of the file. At this stage Domino closes the old mirror file, and creates a new one.
The maximum number of console mirror files is 999. The names of the files are console1.log, console2.log, ... console999.log.

You may find additional information on Console Log Mirroring here:

Default value:
Console log mirroring is NOT enabled by default.

UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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