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Short Description: Controlls teh function to check the cache for DSAPI

You have written a custom DSAPI filter. The "foundinCache" property (FilterAuthenticate->foundInCache) in the DSAPI filter never returns "true" even when a user successfully authenticates. Therefore, the DSAPI authentication filter processes all incoming requests. This filter worked in Domino 5.0.6 but stopped working in Domino 5.0.7 and Domino 5.0.8.
This issue can cause authentication problems or performance issues with third-party DSAPI products such as follows:
    • Custom DSAPI programs developed by customers
    • SecureDomino from TIMETOACT Software & Consulting GmbH
    • SiteMinder from Netegrity
This issue was reported to Lotus Quality Engineering and a fix has been implemented for Domino 5.0.9 to optionally revert the behavior to pre-5.0.7 functionality.
A DSAPI issue that caused a redundant login prompt even after the DSAPI filter authenticated the user was reported in 5.0.6. This issue was reported under SPR# MBAB4MKP9C. A fix was placed into Domino 5.0.7 to address this issue. The fix was to not check user information in the cache if DSAPI was being used. However, since many DSAPI programs rely on the underlying code that goes with checking user information in the cache, this fix can cause DSAPI authentication issues in certain DSAPI programs mentioned above.

To revert to the pre-5.0.7 functionalilty, add the following line to the NOTES.INI:

If a customer encounters both the redundant login prompt (SPR# MBAB4MKP9C) and the DSAPI Authentication issues (SPR# GFLY4XESZ8), there is no fix for both issues. The choice is to use either CheckCacheBeforeDSAPI=1, which addresses SPR# GFLY4XESZ8, or CheckCacheBeforeDSAPI=0, which addresses SPR# MBAB4MKP9C. If the INI parameter is not in place, the default behavior is CheckCacheBeforeDSAPI=0, namely not to check the cache before DSAPI.

Default value:

CheckCacheBeforeDSAPI=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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