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Short Description: Allows Domino running on AIX to address more shared memory.


This notes.ini value allows customers running Lotus Domino on AIX to use more shared memory. Starting with 7.0.2 FP1 the customers must set AIX_LIMIT_SHM_SEGMENTS to 9 or 10 and additionally set AIX_VERY_LARGE_MM=1 in the notes.ini

In Lotus Domino V7.0.2 and IBM AIX 5LTM version 5.2 and later, when using the 64-bit kernel, IBM has extended the number of 256 MB memory segments available for shared memory from 11 to 13 (two additional segments) ONLY by enabling AIX_Very_Large_MM=1


Note from FAQ: 64-bit version of Domino:

The variable is no longer needed and should not be used if running 64-bit Domino on AIX. The variable, AIX_VERY_LARGE_MM, should actually not be used even in 32- bit Domino unless absolutely necessary as there are issues with using it (certain AIX functions have issues).

For more information about AIX_LIMIT_SHM_SEGMENTS and AIX_VERY_LARGE_MM, refer to document "AIX_LIMIT_SHM_SEGMENTS used to control shared memory on Domino/AIX." (#1253505).

Default value:

AIX_Very_Large_MM=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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