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Short Description: Enable / Disable the silent failover when a server goes down.


If enabled and if the server goes down during any of the following activities, it will fail over to another server automatically without interrupting your activity or showing you error messages:

  • Creating a new entry for PIM views (Mail message, Calendar entry, or To Do)
  • Opening a document in an application
  • Opening a different folder or view
  • Replying or forwarding with attachment
  • Creating a new mail message while multiple documents are selected
  • Deleting a single or multiple document
  • Sending a message
  • Switching back to Primary server when it becomes available
Note: When a user opens their mail file from a server other than the primary server, either by using CTRL+O or by clicking on the workspace icon, the mail file is opened from the specified server. In other cases, like opening from bookmarks (where the server details are not displayed), the mail file will be opened from the primary server regardless of any server shown on the top of the workspace icon stack.
Possible Values:
1 = enable that feature
2 = disable that feature

Default value:

FailoverSilent=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
This feature can be set via desktop policy

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Bastian W.