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Short Description: Controls the managed replicas.



If you've ever wished using Mail were free of delays, but don't have the mind space for creating and maintaining a local replica, the new managed replica feature might be for you. When you create or convert an existing local replica to a managed replica in Notes, or your Domino administrator sets it for you via a policy, Notes creates a local mail replica and marks it as a managed replica. The next time you open Mail, you'll be using the managed replica, which will remain synched with the server copy without your doing anything.

A managed replica differs from a local replica in the following ways:
  • It is created in the background while the user continues to use the server copy.
  • The managed replica can be limited to the last N days of mail/calendar entries if local space is a consideration.
  • Initial creation of a managed replica is controlled to minimize impact to server of multiple users/clients creating managed replicas.
  • After creation, the user is automatically switched to the managed replica.
  • If the managed replica needs to be fixed up, the fixup will occur in the background and the user will be redirected to their server copy.
  • If the managed replica becomes corrupt, it will be deleted and recreated.
  • To speed up initial creation of the managed replica, documents beyond 30 days are initially truncated bringing down part of the document and omitting attachments.
  • New mail polling and notification is performed against the server copy.
In conjunction with a managed replica, there are additional settings that complete the managed replica experience:
  • If the user opens a truncated document, the rest of the document and/or attachments can be retrieved in the background.
  • All mail sends will route immediately through the local to avoid any delays sending mail messages and attachments.


known values:

1 = to specify an unmanaged replica

7 = creates or converts a local mail replica to a managed replica

Default value:

CacheMail=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
This feature can be set via policy

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