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Short Description: Controls the Sensitivity Header in SMTP mails


SPR# TPON7XGH46 - Prior to this fix, Domino rewrote the Sensitivity Header in SMTP mails. The sensitivity header is mapped to the item value, $KeepPrivate="1". This header has any of these values -- Personal, Private, or Company-Confidential.
Changes have been made to give customers control over the mapping of the Sensitivity header to the $KeepPrivate item. The changes introduce three new ini settings:

SMTP_NO_MAP_PERSONAL - if set to 1, do not map 'Sensitivity: Personal' header to $KeepPrivate="1"

SMTP_NO_MAP_PRIVATE - if set to 1, do not map 'Sensitivity: Private' header to $KeepPrivate="1"

SMTP_NO_MAP_COMPCONF - if set to 1, do not map 'Sensitivity: Company-Confidential' header to $KeepPrivate="1"

The default value for these settings is 0, so that if all are 0, then, as before, a Sensitivity header with a Personal, Private, or Company-Confidential body will be mapped to the notes $KeepPrivate item with a value of "1". Personal and Private have been mapped to $KeepPrivate="1" for a long time, while the mapping of Company-Confidential to $KeepPrivate="1" is relatively recent. Wiith the introduction of the new ini settings, customers can choose which, if any, of the settings are mapped to $KeepPrivate="1".

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There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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