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Short Description: Controls the sort order from the DWA Preferences > Calendar > Time Zone drop-down list.


By adding iNotes_WA_UseServerTZSettings=1 to the server's notes.ini, the Timezone settings used by the server operating system will automatically appear at the bottom of the DWA Preferences > Calendar > Time Zone drop-down list.

Using the above example, this would add the entry, "(GMT+02:00) Israel" directly beneath "(GMT+13:00) Nuku'alofa" in the drop-down.

Note: The above INI parameter was introduced in Domino 6.5.5 and 7.0.

Supporting Information:

When to use API_TimeZones() versus the iNotes_WA_UseServerTZSettings:

While both options will allow for customized time zone configurations, it makes more sense to use one over the other, depending on the situation.

For example, if the start and/or end of Daylight Saving Time changes from one year to the next (as in, it may not always be the first Saturday of April), then it may make more sense to use the iNotes_WA_UseServerTZSettings=1 setting on the server, so that repeated modifications to the Custom_JS form do not have to occur to account for the year to year change.

Likewise, if numerous geographies are involved with unique TimeZone settings that stay constant from year to year, then it may make more sense to add each of those custom settings to the Custom_JS form, to make each of the custom options available to DWA users at once.

Default value:

iNotes_WA_UseServerTZSettings=0 / 1


UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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