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Short Description: Disable / Enable the type ahead feature in iNotes/DWA


The type-ahead feature in IBM Lotus iNotes was introduced in 8.5 for lite mode only, and was enabled using the Notes.ini settings  iNotes_WA_NameTypeahead and iNotes_WA_NameTypeaheadStartTimeout. However, as of 8.5.1, type-ahead is on by default for all modes, and these two settings, which were previously required to enable type-ahead, are obsolete. Although type-ahead is on by default, there are new Notes.ini settings you can use to define the type-ahead feature, including two settings for the ultra-light mode, which uses a subset of names from the type-ahead list.

About the type-ahead feature
The type-ahead feature in Lotus iNotes populates a list of type-ahead names, by using the names of people to whom users have recently sent e-mail. Type-ahead caches, in memory, a list of names that are used most frequently, and then displays those names in a list. This list of type-ahead names then display when a user is completing an address field that expects an e-mail address. The ultra-light mode displays a subset of the cached names.

Obsoleted settings
The Notes.ini settings  iNotes_WA_NameTypeahead and iNotes_WA_NameTypeaheadStartTimeout are obsolete as of 8.5.1.

New settings in 8.5.1
You can use these new Notes.ini settings in 8.5.1 to further define type-ahead.


Setting Applies to Description
iNotes_WA_CachedNames All modes Although this feature is on by default, you can use iNotes_WA_CachedNames=0 to disable the type-ahead feature. Values are:

0 - Disables type-ahead

1 - Enables type-ahead (default)

iNotes_WA_CachedNames_MaxNames All modes Use this setting to specify the maximum number of names stored in the cached-names list. Values can be from 1 - 200. The default value is 120.
iNotes_WA_UltralightCachedNames_MaxNames Ultra-light mode For ultra-light mode, type-ahead uses a subset of the names stored in the cached-names list. Use this setting to determine the maximum number of names in the subset. Values can be from 1 - 200, but cannot be greater than the value for iNotes_WA_CachedNames_MaxNames. The default is 60.
iNotes_WA_UltralightCachedNames_MaxNamesPerPage Ultra-light mode For ultra-light mode, sets the number of choices to show in the type-ahead list per page. Pressing the right or left arrow shows subsequent pages of names. Values can be from 1 - 200. The default is 4.


Existing setting you can continue using
You can also continue using the  iNotes_WA_NameTypeaheadWaitTimeout setting, which was introduced in 8.5.

Setting Applies to Description
iNotes_WA_CachedNames All modes Aborts the type-ahead server request if the server does not return a response in the specified duration. Values are specified as the number of milliseconds. The default value is 5000.

Default value:
1 (default)

iNotes_WA_CachedNames =0 / 1

iNotes_WA_CachedNames =1

UI equivalent:
There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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