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Short Description: This will prevent existing triangulated entries from being read



Lotus® Domino® 7 introduced a new feature called Replication Triangulation. The purpose of this new feature is to make each server aware of every other server which maintains a replica of the same database, and which has had a successful replication. In a large environment, the number of replication history events to maintain can cause a significant performance impact to the Domino server.



After upgrading to Domino 7 or 8 from any Domino 6 release, the REPLICA task consumes more CPU.
A review of the replication history for the names.nsf on any server in the domain shows successful replication events to servers which this server has not directly contacted.


Names.nsf on Server A, is replicated to Server B. Server B replicates names.nsf with Server C.

The next time Server A and B replicate names.nsf, Server A will show successful replication with Server C, although Server A never replicated directly with Server C.

If a customer has hundreds or thousands of servers in the Domain, the replication history can become very long.

The entire replication history must be checked and then replicated prior to document replication, as a result, replication events which previously resulted in no documents replicated now may have hundreds or thousands of events.

Tprofs, or other system trace tools which show Domino activity will show very high call events to
NSFDbWriteReplHistory. In the case of the customer reporting this issue, CPU requirements increased 400% as a result of the replication overhead related to replicating the history for 1700 servers in the Domain.



Maintaining replication triangulation history for databases which exist on hundreds or thousands of servers is too expensive

Resolving the problem


You can disable replication triangulation with the following notes.ini parameters, which are available in Domino 8.01 and later:





After setting the notes.ini parameters the replication history must be purged from each replica of the databases affected.


Client side

NSF_REPLHIST_NO_TRI=1 [This will prevent existing triangulated entries from being read]
REPL_NO_WS_TRI_HIST=1 [This will prevent new triangulated entries from being written]

Default value:



Applies to:
Server and Workstation

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