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Short Description: Enable / Disable the shared memory segment check


Beginning in 5.0.9, Domino R5 reserves two segments (512 MB, MaxData=2) for private heap because the ~200 MB provided by the standard configuration proved not to be sufficient for some processes. So after Domino 5.0.8, the maximum possible number of shared data segments is typically either eight or nine. In the Domino R5 memory system, all shared segments must be mappable by all processes in the swarm. Domino can generally deal with "running out" of shared memory as long as all processes run out at the same number of segments. But if process A can only attach seven segments while all other processes can attach eight, when the eighth segment is created, process A will detect it and Panic, stopping all Domino processes. Domino 5.0.9 through 5.0.11 performs a check to make sure that every process has the same value of MaxData as the first process. However, there may be situations when this check is not appropriate. In such cases, the check can be suppressed via the Notes.ini variable Disable_Shm_Check=1.

Note: Domino 6 and 5.0.12 don't need this variable because they use a different approach to guaranteeing that all processes can map all segments. For example, if an addin thread to a Domino process or to an API process uses a shared memory segment that is not a Domino shared segment, you can set Disable_Shm_Check=1.

(This topic is beyond the scope of this article. You would normally receive instructions from the addin's vendor if modification is needed.)

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Disable_SHM_Check=0 / 1


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