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Short Description: Enable/Disable the debugging for Purge Interval Replication Control (PIRC)


Purge Interval Replication Control (PIRC) is a new replication setting which is designed to prevent old documents which may have been deleted from replicating back into a database after their deletion stubs have been purged. This problem has been encountered by many customers. The most common case occurs when an old version of a NAB (Domino Directory) is brought back online after several months or years. When this occurs, previously deleted person documents, group documents, server documents, and other design elements can replicate back into the environment because the deletion stubs have already been purged. PIRC prevents these documents from replicating back into the environment.

If you require more information about exactly what PIRC is doing, you can set the DEBUG_REPL_PIRC notes.ini setting. Setting it to a value of 1 will display information about the PIRC date and summary information of the notes that PIRC blocked. Setting it to a value of 2 or greater will display information about the individual notes that PIRC is blocking. It displays whether the notes are data or non-data or if they are deletions as well as their UNIDs.

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