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Short Description: Controls how to handle Calendar entries with no start date


SPR# IFAY8AZCAZ - For some customers, a corruption in calendar entry data has been observed such that the calendar entry(s) have a CalendarDateTime item on the document, but the value of that item is empty. In such cases, a logic error existed in the Notes Standard Client's calendar rendering code which prevented any calendar entries from displaying. A fix has been implemented to address this. When such corrupted calendar data is encountered, the Standard Client will create a default value for the CalendarDateTime item which will be the first day being displayed in the calendar view. This is consistent with the behavior seen in the Basic Notes Client. Additionally, a warning is logged in the Standard Client's log files indicating this problem. The warning will look like
CLFNN0001W: Unable to determine startdate for element. Defaulting to first date on calendar.

Support for a new notes.ini variable has also been added related to this problem.
If the user sets CalendarDisplayEntriesWithNoStartDate=0 in their notes.ini file, the processing of these corrupted calendar entries is different. In this case, the calendar entries will not be displayed at all on the user's calendar. Additionally, a warning is logged in the Standard Client's log files. The warning will look like

CLFNN0003W: Start time for calendar entry is null. Skipping entry.

Default value:

CalendarDisplayEntriesWithNoStartDate=0 / 1


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