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Short Description: Specifies the interval cycle (in minutes) for when the Administration Process carries out many types of requests.

SPR# JRED8DVKSU - Fixes issue where Domino's time will be wrong when DST is set to take place at a time other than 2am. If the DST change occurs at 11:59:59pm, DST will occur 22 hours early on Notes/Domino. If it occurs at midnight, it will be off by 2 hours because Domino does not actually change time until 2AM. This fix is OFF by default and controlled through a new Notes.ini DSTLAWTIME=x

DSTLAWTIME not defined in Notes.ini -> Use default behavior of 2am for DST Begin, and 1am for DST End.
- Hour is 0-23, and Min is 0-59
- DST Time for the boundaries Begin/End.
DSTLAWTIME=99 -> Windows only, use the value from stucture for DST Date Hour:Min.

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