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Short Description: Controls the behavior from the get by key collection retry.

For local applications (those that are found on the same server where the agent is located), the fix behavior is as follows: The GetDocumentByKey and GetAllDocumentsByKey calls check first if the desired view is current. If the view is not current, the view is brought up to date and the desired content is retrieved from the view. If additional view updates are made during the LScript call, these changes are queued up until the necessary data has been retrieved by the application.

For remote applications (those that are found on a different server than where the agent is running), the previous looping behavior remains, with the change that the calls will try 500 times before returning an error (as opposed to 10 times as it was before).

In the rare event that the error returns after looping 500 times, a notes.ini tuning parameter allows the looping number to be modified.


where # is a value between 1 and 2,000,000,000.

Customers who experience the "Collection has become invalid" error after applying the fix should try increasing the notes.ini parameter in increments of 1000. It is not possible to disable all looping.

It is the intent to create the same behavior with the remote case as with the local case in the future. This requires more work than IBM can release in a hotfix or Fix Pack. This work is scheduled for a Maintenance Release post 8.5.2 availability.

Max_View_GetByKey_Retry=between 1 and 2,000,000,000


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