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Short Description: Controls a fix which allows to change the DB owner via iNotes.

When an administrator registers a Domino user, the Mail File Owner access level is set to "Editor" by default. As a result, when the user accesses his/her Domino mail file via a Notes 6.x Client, the user is not allowed to change the field, "This Mail File Belongs To" (also referred to as the Mail File Owner field) on the Mail \ Basics tab under Actions --> Tools --> Preferences. There is no Change button displayed, so the user cannot look up and select another person's name in the Domino Directory. And the field itself is not editable; therefore, the user cannot type another user name directly into the field.

However, if the user accesses the Domino mail file from Domino Web Access (iNotes Web Access) 6.x the user has the ability to edit/change the Mail File Owner field. This is not expected; shouldn't this field work the same way in iNotes as it does in Notes Client?

Customers prefer that it not be possible for users to change the Mail File Owner name in iNotes since the changes made in iNotes will be reflected in the user's mail file when accessing it through the Notes Client at a later stage.

This issue is resolved in DWA 6.5.1 ONLY with the use of a Notes.ini parameter: iNotes_WA_RestrictOwner=1

iNotes_WA_RestrictOwner=0 / 1


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There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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