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Short Description: Capture additional information when Btree corruption occurs


The Debug_Btree_Errors setting was enabled as a default NOTES.INI setting in release 5.0.5 to capture additional information when Btree corruption occurs. The intent was to obtain relevant information when Btree corruption occurred instead of having to set it and wait for the issue to occur again. Although this parameter has not been put into the NOTES.INI file on a fresh install of 5.0.6a or later, if a customer previously installed 5.0.5 and does an incremental upgrade to 5.0.6a or later, the setting will remain.

The Debug_Btree_Errors=1 setting displays Btree error messages on the server console. If there is a significant time lapse between a Btree error being detected and the user noticing the error message on the console (as may happen if the error occurs overnight), the only troubleshooting information available is the current error message on the console.

Note: If the Debug_Btree_Errors parameter is in your NOTES.INI file, you may want to remove it. When this parameter is enabled (set to 1), you may receive a large number of Btree error messages displayed on the server console. In many cases, these Btree errors are informational only, and you will not need to capture additional information about them.

Default value:
None in Pre R5, 1 from R5 onwards

Debug_Btree_Errors=0 / 1


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Server and Workstation

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Bastian W.