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When displaying multiple lined entries in a view, the display is very slow in 6.0 onwards, the problem is nothing to do with view indexing. Rather, it is to do with view displaying in the Win32 client. Uniscribe is a MS Windows library that helps in the display of some non-ASCII character sets, most notably Arabic and Hebrew. By disabling Uniscribe, you will possibly have problems with displaying Arabic and/or Hebrew text and possibly other non-ASCII character sets. The problems are typically that characters are displayed wrong, not crash type problems. Setting this Notes.ini Variable will avoid the call to the character iteration code that is causing the problem.



The notes.ini parameter, DisableUniscribe, is undocumented. It is sometimes suggested as a workaround for unexpected issues which occur with double-byte character sets or character sets with accented characters. When the parameter is enabled, it results in Notes using the native code base Windows API (which Notes 5 used) instead of the Microsoft Uniscribe function

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