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Short Description: Disable bcc group expansion to improve performance on the mail server.


Disable bcc group expansion to improve performance on the mail server. Re-fixed in 5.0.8 See Lotus Customer Support Technote 179971 Further enhanced in 5.0.11 (SPR#LDEY59CJKF) to check the field $DISABLE_BCC_GROUP_EXPANSION to see if it should be disabled.

This variable appeared in Release 5.0.3 to address an SPR (software problem report). There was a problem in R5 associated with the lookups being performed to a directory assistance server. In R5, when a group is entered in the bcc (blind carbon-copy) field, it is replaced with the recipient of the message so that the recipient knows why they received the message. Mail messages in which large groups were blind-carbon-copied caused performance degradation on the Domino mail server delivering the mail.

Disable_BCC_group_expansion=1 disables bcc group expansion, thereby improving mail server performance. You add this variable by using the Set Config command, so you don't have to restart the server (for example, Set Config Disable_BCC_group_expansion=1). Entering this command also adds the line to the NOTES.INI file.

This was not a problem in Domino R4.x since additional lookups were not performed for bcc list members.


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