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Short Description: Enable/Disable the caching of pages that contain @function formulas


Determining the algorithm to make an accurate and timely decision as to which Web pages are cacheable is one stumbling block to making a very useful caching system. In 4.6, we considered the very presence of @functions (among others) too volatile, and thus, did not consider any pages with @functions as candidates for caching. Unfortunately, this meant that many Web pages could not take advantage of caching and the performance gains that it provides.

In 4.61, much has changed. As part of the on-going effort to provide performance improvements in the Domino server, we now provide the ability to cache Web pages that contain @functions. This is a very simple statement with very powerful implications for the Web site administrator, the Web application designer and the Web application user.

Domino 4.61 now has the ability to analyze all macro language (@function) formulas for their dependencies through the Formula Analyzer. Rather than exclude all pages that contain any @function formulas from the Command Cache, the Formula Analyzer intelligently examines the formula on the page and decides its level of volatility. By doing this first, Domino can decide immediately whether the command is too volatile to be cached (for example, the Web page contains @Now) and, perhaps more importantly, under what conditions a cached command becomes invalid.

The logic for these caching schemes is based on very conservative thinking. In all cases where the slightest bit of ambiguity exists, Domino will not cache the page. We considered the performance loss of re-rendering the resultant HTML to be a small tradeoff to the possibility of sending out-of-date, incorrect, or inappropriate information to the requesting user.

The Formula Analyzer is turned OFF by default in 4.61, meaning that any @function will result in the page not being cached. To enable the Formula Analyzer, place the following line in your NOTES.INI file:


It is important to note that without this setting, the Command Cache behaves exactly the way that it did in 4.6; you will still get the benefit of command caching, just without the expanded usefulness of caching Web pages where @formulas were used in the process.

The field options $CacheOptions and $CacheValid appear not to be supported in ND6.

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DominoAnalyzeFormulas=0 / 1


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