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Short Description: Enable/Disable the Notes IP/DNS Server cache.


When initially connecting to a server, Domino 7 tries all the addresses for all the ports for that server until one works. To speed up subsequent server searching, Notes and Domino default to caching the last successful port and address for a server and use only the cached address for the rest of the day. This makes attempts to connect to a server that is down very fast. If an administrator plans to change the address of a server, it should be done late in the evening, since the cache is not used again the next day. 

This works well for servers that have only one address. However, if the server has multiple valid addresses (it can be multi-homed with multiple IPV4 addresses, or it can have both IPV6 and IPV4 addresses), and a successful address for a server is unavailable, the remaining addresses won't be tried until the next day, when the server cache is cleared. In order to bypass the cache, and have the Domino server try all addresses for a given server, you must set this notes.ini variable.

0 - Domino server will use port and address from the cache.
1 - Domino server will try all ports and addresses for a given server 


Doing so will cause slower server connection failures when  servers go down, because every connection attempt will try every port and every address.

This parameter is read by the Notes client ONLY during startup. Its purpose is to test server searches. The parameter does not clear the address cache and is not designed to do so. It causes Notes to not load remembered paths stored in the cache. Use this for testing purposes only since it is not a permanent solution to these errors.

Default value:

Dont_Use_Remembered_Addresses=0 / 1


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Server and Workstation

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Lotus Domino Administrator 7 Help

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