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Short Description: Used in combination with fulltext optimization


To use optimized settings (which helps prevent errcode = 3301) and improve search performance, set FTG_DISABLE_PAGING=1

Steps available to optimize conditions (i.e. increase performance or reduce occurrence of 3301 --- or other GTR\search "out of memory" conditions:

1. FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1. Also see TN# 1090296

2. To use optimized settings (which helps prevent errcode = 3301) and improve search performance,: FTG_DISABLE_PAGING=1

3. If that does not work (i.e. to eliminate errcode=3301) then use the following notes.ini FTG_SET_INITIAL_BUFLEN=7000 or 6000 or 5000, etc..

note: The FTG_SET_INITIAL_BUFLEN can not be set less than 4096.

NOTE: These "tools" are provided to the system admin in order to improve search results (i.e. reduce time on high "hit" result sets) and help prevent the "out of memory" conditions. These tools do not prevent all "out of memory" conditions from occurring --- because the resource consumption is directly related to the size of the database (i.e. number of documents), and to the type and characteristics of the query (i.e. number of unique keys), and to the system resources available at the time (i.e. hardware and activity dependent), etc..

These tools help alleviate resource limits --- these tools do not eliminate all resource restrictions.

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