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the notes.ini Analyzer will take a notes.ini file and re-format it, dividing it into sections and cleaning it up to make it easier to use/read. It can also analyse your ini file and make recommendations to configuration changes to enhance areas such as performance, security and give you pointers on ways to clean up and improve the file. If you like you the notes.ini Analyzer can use the notes.ini Reference to explain you all known entrys in your notes.ini. Simply use the "Browse" button, select the options you wish and press the button. When you're happy with the result, you just cut and paste the output into a text editor and save it to your new notes.ini file. Its very simple.


Choose your notes.ini:


Choose one or more options:
Remove redundant keys (only the first match will be used)
Recase/reorder/resort keys
Remove comments
Allow us to use this notes.ini for analysis and site improvement.
Validate this notes.ini
Tag entrys: With http links to the description for each notes.ini key/entry/element.
Tag entrys: With a comment as explanation for each notes.ini key/entry/element.
Do not add a explanation for the notes.ini keys/entrys/elements to the output.
Check for obsolete keys (you need to set the notes versions)
Remove apocryphal/bogus notes.ini keys


Choose the Notes/Domino Version for the output:


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